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Pole Dance

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Trendy way to get fit fast!
Pole Sport/Pole Dance uses the pole as a vertical piece of fitness equipment. It combines dance, gymnastics and circus elements and works the whole body improving muscle tone, flexibility, coordination, posture as well as upper body and core strength.

Did you know that Pole Sport might soon become an Olympic discipline?

Suitable for all fitness levels, ages and genders.

WHAT TO WEAR: Please wear shorts and a sleeveless top or a sports bra. Bring water and small towel.
Do not moisturise 24h before your lesson and remove rings and any other items of jewellery for the duration of your class.

PLEASE NOTE that Pole training may give you some bruising at the start.

POLE DANCE Conditioning

A high intensity pole conditioning class aiming to improve strength, stamina and flexibility, and help get in and out of pole moves with ease and grace.

Prepare for variety of climbs, floor rolls & inverts, leg lifts & tucks, abdominal workout, stretches and more.

60 min class
1 person per pole
LOCATION to be confirmed soon

POLE DANCE Beginners

Pole Dance Beginners class focuses on learning level 1&2 pole dance tricks, climbs, spins, floor work and transition moves.

Class includes dynamic warm up, learning new tricks/moves, short stretch session and cool down phase. Suitable for beginners who tried pole before. For Complete Beginners please enquire about 6 weeks course

60 min class
1 person per pole
LOCATION to be confirmed soon

POLE DANCE Intermediate

Intermediate Pole Dance class focuses on improving inversions and transitions as well as learning intermediate pole tricks and combining them into short combos.

Suitable for students who are able to invert.

60 min class
1 person per pole
LOCATION to be confirmed soon

POLE DANCE Private Sessions

An intensive 60min or 90min Private Pole Dance lesson giving you opportunity to master difficult moves quicker, improve technique and flexibility in the comfort of your own home. Possibility to hire a pole if you don't have your own.

2-2-1 sessions available for couples/ two participants

Now also available ON-LINE Pole Sessions. Only £30 per 60min session.
Please enquire for more details

We use stainless steel 45mm spin & static X-poles.
Enquire to buy your X-pole with us.

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