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Flexibility plays an important part in everyday life and fitness activities, and lack of it can lead to injuries, back pain or balance problems.

Take runners who often suffer from tight hamstrings leading to knee or back problems, or office workers suffering with neck or back aches resulting from tight shoulders or shortened hip flexors. Regular stretching can help to prevent and overcome any of those problems.

Benefits of regular stretching:
prevents back ache and other common aches and pain caused by short or tight muscles
supports functional movement, improves balance and aids good posture
reduces stress and helps to improve sleeping patterns
improves athletic performance and increases range of motion
prevents sporting injuries

Full Body Stretch

Class suitable for anyone wishing to regain their mobility and flexibility, lost as ones gets older or as a result of bad postural habits, sitting life style or certain repeated sport and work activities.

Low impact class that includes gentle conditioning, mobility and flexibility exercises working the whole body.

Equipment: Theraband/yoga strap and yoga blocks optional.

60min class on Zoom .

Stretching for Front Splits

Flexibility classes to improve your front splits.

Class starts with a dynamic warm up, followed by variety of stretches and conditioning exercises aiming to help you get front splits faster.

Theraband (or yoga strap), yoga blocks and access to wall required.

Class suitable for beginners to intermediate (flat splits) students.

30min classes on Zoom

Legs & Hips Flexibility

A low impact class to help improve flexibility of hips and legs.

Perfect for anyone with tight hamstrings, quadriceps, hips and other leg muscles resulting from sitting life style or certain repetitive work and sport activities.

Equipment: Theraband (or yoga strap) and blocks optional.

30min class on Zoom

Upper Body Flexibility

This class is designed for anyone wishing to improve their neck, back, chest and shoulders flexibility. Beginners to Intermediate level.

Class includes dynamic warm up, followed by a variety of stretches and strengthening exercises for upper body.

Equipment: Theraband/yoga strap and access to wall required.

30min class on Zoom

1-2-1 Flexibility Training

An intensive 60min 1-2-1 flexibility training session at the convenience of your home aimed at helping you improve flexibility, whether it is daily mobility or more advanced drills for ballet, dance or pole dance (or for any other reason).

In the park, at home or via Zoom. Book your online session or enquire for face to face sessions.

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